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Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond

Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond

    • Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond
    • Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond
  • Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Smallboss
    Certification: SGS, FDA, ISO9001
    Model Number: PE06

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5 cubic meter
    Price: discuss personally
    Packaging Details: woven bag
    Delivery Time: as your requirement qty
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 230cbm per day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: HDPE Surface Area: 500m2/m3
    Density: 1.02-1.05g/cm3 Size: 25*12mm
    Hole Numbers: 19 Pcs Color: Any Color

    Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond



    Product Introduction

    MBBR filter media is a novel biologically active carrier, it adopts scientific formula, depending

    on the nature of water, blending a variety of beneficial microorganisms grow quickly attached trace elements in polymer materials, through a special process modification, constructed, with more than large surface area, hydrophilic, high biological activity, biofilm fast, good effect, good impact resistance.


    Main feature:
    Special formula and production technology, accelerating biological film formation ;
    Larger effective surface area, obtaining more microorganism;

    By bio-film decomposing technology, saving sludge return process;

    High-efficiency in denitrification and dephosphorization, improving the water quality;

    Lower energy consumption, saving space and shorten technology process.


     MBBR can be used in any kind of Pond, it’s no need special pond, and it can used the same pond as before if we change the system to MBBR treatment system, what’s the most important thing is MBBR can be full use of pond volume.

    Accelerate the reaction rate significantly, compared with the activated sludge process, reaction efficiency 5 ~ 10 times

    Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification process,it can be a good denitrification and phosphorus removal

    It is no need bracket, just put in the MBBR filter media directly.

    MBBR filter media packing free flow and cutting air bubbles in water, increase dissolved oxygen in water, save energy consumption


    Small Boss MBBR Core technology:

    Special design of surface, stronger bio-film growth capacity;

    Large specific surface area, high voidage, the more periphyton biomass;
    Unique design of structure and shape according to hydromechanics, strong three-dimensional flow dynamics in the water;
    Adding hydrophilic groups and other trace elements, the biofilm formation time only 3-15 days;
    Excellent impact strength, strong gas shear capacity;
    Without any holder, easy to cure, save energy and space.


    Using Scope

    The sewage plant upgrade project , improve the standard and quantity

    New sewage treatment project of MBBR and biological aerated filter process

    Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water

    River regulation denitrification and phosphorus removal

    Aquaculture in addition to ammonia nitrogen, water purification

    Biological filter media is used for biological deodorization tower


    Application industry

    Municipal, Power, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Electroplating, Metallurgy, Machinery, Papermaking, Printing and Dyeing, Medicine, Food processing, Aquaculture, with the continuous improvement and the deepening use of our products, Small Boss filter media will be used more and more widely.


    Using Advantages

    1.Rapid carrier biofilm formation mechanism

    Specific trace element vector into and special surface treatment process, the microorganisms in water on the carrier attached rapidly and rapid propagation of growth, biofilm formation in different water conditions, and biofilm schedule differences, generally, the hang film need 3-15 days.

    2. Super decarburization, ammonia nitrogen removal capacity

    Carrier provide a safe and comfortable environment for microbial breeding, Biological variety, because of no sludge age limit, nitrifying bacteria have also been large-scale breeding, microbial population huge is dissolved organic compounds and ammonia decomposition.

    3. Excellent resistance to shock load performance

    Efficient processing capacity, its ability to remove organic matter 2-5 times higher than that of other traditional methods, high concentrations of biomass and diversity of biological fungus, strong resistance to impact load capacity

    4. Flexible way of engineering application

    Different stages can be applied to the good nitrogen, anaerobic, anoxic process, only need to handle effect by adding the filter media can easily obtain satisfactory result.

    5. Simple operation and maintenance

    Without support, put filter media in the pool directly, and it can save the return sludge, avoiding sludge bulking, come-up and loss, convenient to operate and maintain.

    6. Long service life

    Through a special process modification, the filter media have a good resistance, UV resistance, strong toughness, not easy to aging and embrittlement, and it has a long service life.

    7. Deoxidation and phosphorus removal effect is good

    Due to the biological film have a strong digestive ability, water ammonia nitrogen can be completely transformed into nitrate and ammonia, the denitrification can give full play to the maximum, denitrification more thoroughly.

    Meanwhile biofilm huge phosphorus phosphate material flora water thoroughly absorbed, and through the biological film off into the sedimentation tank and eventually to the sludge discharged system, the phosphorus removal effect more obvious


    Item No. PE06
    Size 25*12mm
    Density 1.02-1.05g/cm3
    Surface Area >500 m2/m3
    Holes 19 holes
    Life Span(year) >15


    Plastic Aquaponics MBBR Filter Media 25*12mm Size Water Treatment Bio Cel For Pond

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